[Fsf-friends] SMALL GRANTS: Need resources to write Free Software?

Frederick Noronha fred@bytesforall.org
Tue, 8 Oct 2002 15:19:53 +0530 (IST)

Sarai/CSDS, a Delhi-based research network that realises the potential of
Free/Open Source software, is offering a limited number of small grants (in
three categories of under Rs 10,000; Rs 10-30,000; and Rs 30,000-60,000) for
those willing to write socially-useful programmes and put these out in the
public domain.

Ownership of these programs will remain with its writer(s), under the
GNU/GLP or similar suitable licence. But the coders will undertake to widely
distribute and make available their work to those who desire to use the
same, in the interest of promoting Free Software/Open Source in India.

Email in your plans and suggestions via email to application@sarai.net with
a copy to fred@bytesforall.org not later than October 31, 2002. Use "FLOSS
application" as the subjectline. This should contain the following details:

 	* Outline of project
 	* How this project would be relevant to society's needs
 	* Stage of the project (if work is underway)
 	* Time-frame required for completion
 	* Whether work will be done singly, or if jointly, names of
 	  all individuals/groups to be involved
 	* Estimated number of man-hours for completion of this project
 	* Estimated cost with break-up
	* Any other information you feel relevant.

Last date for application is October 31, 2002.

Feel free to pass around this note, particularly to students who could
use such help productively.