[Fsf-friends] Flag

Khuzaima A. Lakdawala klak@giasbm01.vsnl.net.in
05 Oct 2002 16:13:25 +0530

On 4 Oct 2002 16:17:30 -0000, "psk" <praveenskhan@rediffmail.com> wrote:

> The works for starting flag(FsF Local Activists Group)s are on the
> *** MOST importantly maintain a Free Software journel containg the
> articles of budding FsF'ians and FsF 'Gurus' from allover the country.
> The journel may be an Online One for atleast a few issues & by
> analysing the stuff we can plan for a printed one

Such an online forum already exists: http://forum.gnu.org.in

> Now we need the support of all the Free Software Community to make up
> official rules for all the flags* & further advices & guidelines.
>   The better thing will be deciding the formalization only after an
> active chat in the mailing list.

No need to formalize it with "rules" etc. You will probably get caught
up in your own mini-bureaucracy :) Isn't FSF India enough of a formal
organisation to work under? Why add another layer of formality with
"official rules" etc? Not a good idea.

Just do what you want to do in as informal a manner as possible. When
you do need an "official" banner, the banner of FSF India is
enough. You don't need another one.