[Fsf-friends] Fwd: Govt Stand on Linux

CK Raju ckra@vsnl.net
Fri, 4 Oct 2002 23:40:48 +0530

On Friday 04 October 2002 18:37, pandarinathan raman wrote:
> I think its time we teach software freedom than
> preach.
> Unless we make effort to show successful installations
> we can never make inroads in any sector. I also faced
> similar situations with few people in Railways. But
> the attitude should be educating them than casting
> aspirations. Well I too have very good bosses, who
The situation is not that easy here. It appears to be a planned move, a well 
planned one. In so far as the argument of setting up a system on Linux goes, 
the District Panchayat of Ernakulam had a project called EIID (now 
rechristened OSS) that had applications built over Linux for the Grama 
Panchayats, way back in 2000. The project itself had been funded by District 
Panchayat (more details might turn up on a google search).

>  It is imperative on our part to create awarness,
> specifically in the top level and this can be done
> only by successful installtions in existing computer
> centeres
Ramanunni had been trained in one out the twenty five odd awareness courses 
conducted in this area at this institute, setup for training the local  
bodies in Kerala. That process still continues. Hence we could easily start 
building up our case for taking a shot at the Government machinery.

CK Raju
Kerala Institute of Local Administration.