[Fsf-friends] Venezuela's Government Shifts to Open Source Software

Arun M arun@freedevelopers.net
30 Aug 2002 22:12:41 +0530

 According to government sources in Venezuela, the South American nation
has announced an official policy that exclusively calls for the use of
open source software in that government.



 Felipe Perez Mart=ED from his first appearance in television incarnated
like Minister of Planning,  he would announce his absolute certainty of
the urgent necessity to take years of inefficiency and chaos to him to
the framework, gigantic and slow Venezuelan State. He would declare then
his thesis of the shared in common economy and their attachment to the
philosophy of the free code. That day when it presented/displayed the
first economic proposal of the renewed economic cabinet of president
Ch=E1vez, would speak of Internet, and his convinced persistence to evolve
towards a country where the and-government was a high-priority strategy.




- Minister, On what one is based the thesis of the shared in common
economy and free software that is impelling the Ministry of Planning and

- free software is an extremely interesting phenomenon, which we thought
to take advantage of in the reform of the State, we even set out to
impel this scheme like essential part of our model of development. I
think that the technology is public good, as well as the knowledge is
public good. In simpler terms, cambur is a deprived good, because you
you eat it, then no longer is available for anybody more. But if you use
a computation program, it does not disappear, but that is available for
"Pepe", for "Ricardo", for any other, and that characteristic gives a
very special quality him in economy. The Industrial Era privatized the
technology like a way to produce it. Nevertheless, a new modality arose
to produce public goods: "the shared in common" way. Also the State can
produce these public goods or promote that they take place so that not
to mer his production to me, as it happens with the knowledge. It is