[Fsf-press] On Ecma OOXML voting

Fri Sep 7 21:49:27 IST 2007

Press Release

The official committee appointed by Buero of Indian Standards (BIS) after
considering all the issues with Ecma OOXML for becoming an ISO standard
decided to disapprove (NO) with comments.

The entire process took more than three months of relentless work to
understand the 6000 page document, raise the issues, reply to responses from
Microsoft.   FSF India played an active role in this process and worked in
coordination with the ODF Alliance ( http://odfalliance.in).  The
deliberations of the meetings are minuted and most of the issues raised have
been documented.  These documents are available at

FSF India acknowledges the support from the Industry, particularly from Sun
Microsystems, IBM, Google and Redhat, various people from academic
organizations,  and several of the free software activists who wrote and
spoke on several occasions in several forums creating awareness on the
FSF India also acknowledges the support forwarded by BIS and the working
group members and the committee members who had spent both time and effort.

Though this is a clearly a good news for the free software community, FSF
India appeals to the community to be vigilant, and continue to continue our
campaign to free all public digital documents from the proprietary formats
and control from monopolistic multinational interests.

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