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Arun M colonel.m@gmail.com
Sun May 22 08:26:09 IST 2005

Press Release. 

Free Software Foundation of India, along with Hipatia, Society for
Promotion of Alternative Computing and Employment (SPACE)  and Indian
Institute of Information Technology and Management-Kerala (IITM-K), is
organising a conference on Free Software and related concepts on
28-29th May 2005. Venue of the conference will be  Technopark,
Trivandrum, Kerala.

Free Software Movement has shown a new way of knowledge creation based
of collaboration and social ownership. The conference explores the
possibilities of applying the Free Software model in addressing
broader questions such as Governance, Digital Inclusion, Development
and Culture. One of the expected results of the Conference is an
intellectual solidarity between the participating countries that may
lead to more concrete collaborative initiatives in Free Software in
particular and Free Knowledge in general. These initiatives should
address various developmental needs of the society particularly
address the Digital Divide.

Conference will be showcasing various free software and free
content(Creative Commons) initiatives being undertaken by
participants. This will help representatives from different
organisations and countries to find synergy and collaborate. Topics
covered will include, E-Governance, bridging Digital Divide,
Education, Development, Social Justice, Legal issues and

Thematic discussions are arranged on role of free software and free
knowledge on socio-economic development, Digital Culture and
Technological advancement. During these discussions we tries to evolve
a policy frame for promotion of free culture. Which contribute towards
evolving a pro people information policy which developing countries
can present in up coming World Summit of Information Societies.
This meeting also aims at developing specific initiatives in the area
of appropriation of ICT for developing countries, collaborative
development of educational content and tools, collaborative
development of e-governance application and promotion of digital
culture of freedom. Details regarding some specific initiatives that
can be undertaken is attached for your reference.
This conference will be a starting point for several international
initiatives on free software. And also contribute towards knowledge
society. The foreign delegations are: the 4-member Brazilian
delegation led by Antonio Albuquerque, Ministry of Communication; the
20-member Venezuelan delegation led by Sr. Felipe Perez Martì, eminent
economist and ex-Minister; and the 3-member delegation from Italy led
by Sen. Fiorello Cortiana, member parliamentary representation for
WSIS. IT Companies from Brazil and Venezuela (PDVSA, CONATEL)  are
sending delegates for the conference. They want to  explore
possibilities of collaborating with Indian companies.

In particular, conference will discuss the experience of the
participating nationas in the use of free software and also explore
ways to collaborate on creation of new software applications as well
as content. The business meet shall enable delegations to meet with
local IT businesses that work with free software based technologies
and platforms, and provide an opportunity to plan for collaboration
for the future.

Conference is first of its kind to be organised in Asia. Free Software
and Free Culture activists from south nations are coming together to
discuss issues relating to control over knowledge and creativity.

Conference is supported by Kerala State IT Mission and Intel.  

Conference website; http://fsfs.hipatia.net 
Contact : arun@gnu.org.in

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