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GNU is Not Unix gnu@gnu.org.in
Wed Jan 21 21:45:56 IST 2004

Free Software keeps communications alive at the WSF The Media Center at
WSF 2004, equipped with a complete network lab of 120 computers and 40
lap-top connections was maintained open and functional 24 hrs for the
entire forum with FREE SOFTWARE!!!

This is the first time in WSF history, that media members were allowed
access to the facilities at the Center 24 hrs a day. The challenges were
present every day of this world forum, although no official complaints:
the dedicated effort of fifty Free Software Foundation of India (FSF India) volunteers
and members, with great enthusiasm and considerable knowledge helped in
all technical aspects to make this first-time event a reality. Keep in
mind this is a youth revolution, since most of the FSF India volunteers are
younger than 21. They all showed the world that we do not need
restrictions and privatization of systems of information, that knowledge
and human communications are truly free and democratic.

The software's name? It's GNU/LINUX

On the initiave of Dr Nagarjun G., board of directors of the FSF India, the
entire media center at the WSF, from which about 2,000 journalists
generated reports and news, Free Software is not possible, but REAL. 

For more information, visit GNU Web Site

P.S. FSF India members already consider themselves living in Another World.


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