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CK Raju

"Issues on freedom makes more sense to one who keeps track with its forced

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As I understand it, Free Software is about freedom. If we don&#39;t have th=
freedom to say what we would like to, and point out cases of corruption,<br=
then there is no meaning in talking about the freedom of software. I<br></b=
lockquote><br><br>&quot;...Independent documentary filmmakers, journalists,=
 writers and other
professionals have struggled to create spaces for images, words and
ideas that find little support with governments or market-driven
corporations....&quot;<br><br>From a write-up where Prashant Bhushan had be=
en a speaker in 2006 on &quot;Free Speech and Fearless Listening : The Enco=
unter with Censorship in South Asia&quot;.<br><br><a href=3D"http://waagsar="></a><br>
-------------<br><br>-- <br></div>CK Raju<br><br>&quot;Issues on freedom ma=
kes more sense to one who keeps track with its forced banishment.&quot;<br>=


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