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Subject: [JOB] Project on FOSS adoption in Indian education


Project positions are open at IIT Bombay for a new government funded
project on adoption of Free/Open Source Software (FOSS) in Indian
science and engineering education.  Applicants may email their resumes
along with a one page writeup on why they think they are well suited for
the project to:


News, announcements and details regarding the project are available here:


Overview of the project

The eventual goal is to replace the use of commercial tools in Indian
science and engineering education at the college level.  Towards this we
are working on the following broad themes:

 - Python for scientific computing.
 - Scilab (http://www.scilab.org, http://www.scilab.in).
 - Multimedia authoring tool suited for Indian languages with a LaTeX
 - Other projects related to the above.

I will be personally involved with the "Python for scientific computing"
component.  This will broadly involve:
   - NumPy (http://numpy.scipy.org),
   - SciPy (http://www.scipy.org),
   - matplotlib (http://matplotlib.sf.net),
   - Sage (http://www.sagemath.org),
   - Mayavi (http://code.enthought.com/projects/mayavi),
   - ETS (http://code.enthought.com/projects),
   - SymPy (http://code.google.com/p/sympy),
and various other packages of interest.

As part of the project you will have opportunity to work with the core
developers of these major projects.


The positions are all for a maximum duration of 3 years.  The initial
appointment will be for a period of 1 year which will be extended based
on performance.

   - Project manager: 1 position
   - Technical writer: 1 position
   - Software Developers/content generators:
       - Python: 4 positions
       - Scilab: 3 positions
       - LaTeX: 2 positions

You will need to stay on campus or commute to IITB.  Accommodation will
be provided if available, otherwise HRA will be provided.


Project manager:
   - Good knowledge of programming and open source software community
   - People management
   - Communication
   - Organizational skills

Technical writer:
   - Excellent language and communication skills (spoken and written)
   - Familiarity with computers
   - Willingness to learn

Programmers/content generators:
   - Willingness to learn
   - Good programming skills
   - Passion for FOSS
   - Experience with FOSS
   - Good math and science skills

System administration and web development skills are also required so
strong applications with those skills would also be considered.
Experience with Python/Scilab/LaTeX is a plus.  Experience with working
on a FOSS project is a big plus.

Job description

As part of this project you will work towards creating material for
adoption of the various existing FOSS tools in the science and
engineering curriculum.  This will involve generation of a significant
amount of documentation in the form of tutorials, audio/video
demonstrations, written material, and lectures.  The material will often
go towards augmenting existing courses.  The project will involve
working with several well known packages and improving them both in
terms of documentation and code to add features or fix bugs.

We will be hosting several workshops, sprints and conferences where you
will get to meet the developers of many important packages.


The pay will be in the range Rs. 10000 to 30000 depending on the
qualifications and experience.  For extra-ordinary people the upper
limit is flexible.  Accommodation will be provided on campus if

Why you should apply

   - You get paid to improve and write FOSS.
   - You get to do really meaningful work -- your work will influence
     generations of future students all over India and potentially
   - You get to work on some of the most important projects that will
     influence the future of science and engineering.
   - You get to meet and work with the authors of various important
   - You will be at IIT Bombay and will have best of both worlds --
     good pay and an academic environment.

Prabhu Ramachandran                 http://www.aero.iitb.ac.in/~prabhu

Vikram Vincent

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