[Fsf-friends] Adoption of FS based subjects in syllabus at CU

Vikram Vincent vincentvikram at gmail.com
Thu Feb 26 20:46:09 IST 2009

In a major move, the B.Sc. Computer Science Dept. of CU has introduced
Python, PHP, GNU/Linux administration into the syllabus. References to
M$ and its office applications in the Computer Fundamentals paper were
replaced by OOo.

There is also a shift from Turbo-C to GCC and friends.

Topics related to Free software and open standards have been introduced
into the IT paper of BBM.

The Free Software based 'Moodle' - a learning management system(LMS)
is being implemented as a policy throughout the University in a phased 

Debian GNU/Linux is being installed in at least one system per 
department on
a trial basis and both teaching and support staff are being trained.

The creation of a Free Software Group is being planned as part of the CS
Dept. academic activities. FS based projects will be given to the 
students for

These changes come after more than a year's efforts in convincing and
training the staff and students on Free Software.

Vikram Vincent
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