[Fsf-friends] Custom SPIN for DF-Day+

V. Sasi Kumar sasi.fsf at gmail.com
Sun Feb 22 16:46:01 IST 2009

On Sun, 2009-02-22 at 11:57 +0530, Krishnakant wrote:
> Another suggestion.
> We all do have a list of email ids in our address book.
> Send a single email titled "use *only* open standards to protect your
> own freedom of knowledge " and send "on purpose " a document in an open
> standard which explains the subject line in details.

Sounds like an interesting idea. We can attach an odt file. If people
say that they are not able to read it, then we should ask "Why?".
Explain to them that odt is an international standard and ask how come
they are not able to read it. Then it becomes easy to convince them that
documents need standards (just as screws, plugs and a whole lot of stuff
have) that everyone can follow so that such problems do not happen.

I liked the idea.

V. Sasi Kumar
Free Software Foundation of India

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