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Sasi Kumar sasi.fsf at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 09:20:19 IST 2009

2009/2/10 Renni P Mathunny <rennipm at gmail.com>:
> See the attached file -- list of alternatives.
> But I am not aware about an alternative to Tally for Commerce students.
> Creating an alternative for Tally is also a very improtant task, becuase now
> a days auditors (FCA/ACA) are forcing even government firms to buy/install
> Tally, becuase they are familiar with it. GNU Cash may evolve as an
> alternative.

Thank you, Renni for the document. I would also suggest that, when we
write, we can also suggest changes in the syllabus that would
introduce sensible alternative applications/software. For instance, I
thought it would be interesting and useful to teach some tools like
audacity, cinelerra and advanced image editing to, say, students of
Humanities, Octave, gnuplot and xmaxima (and maybe Python) to students
of Physics and Maths, and so on. Please give your suggestions.

V. Sasi Kumar
Free Software Foundation of India
Please see: http://swatantryam.blogspot.com/

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