[Fsf-friends] [Fsf-kerala] School students in action...

Pramode C.E. pramode_ce at yahoo.co.in
Sun Dec 13 11:10:00 IST 2009

> coordinator of the
> school K.T. Kunhammad said 70 students had been trained by
> experts to
> install the GNU/Linux operating system in the households in
> the
> panchayath.

Great work! 

A few months back, I helped a neighbour of mine to choose a PC for his school kids. The kids wanted to run GNU/Linux on the system and being the local "expert", I was expecting a call from them asking me to help them install GNU/Linux. The call never came! Curious, I asked this fellow whether his kids had the "LINUX" thing installed on their system. He replied: "oh yes, they got some CD's from somewhere and put it on the machine the very next day after purchase".

And here I am, "teaching" engineering  students who complain to me that this "LINUX" thing is extremely "difficult" to use!


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