[Fsf-friends] GNU/Linux Preloaded Laptops to Kerala MLAs

Anivar Aravind anivar.aravind at gmail.com
Wed Aug 26 22:48:50 IST 2009


Kerala NiyamaSabha Website published Tender for Purchasing GNU/Linux
Preloaded Laptops to 141 Members of Kerala Legislative assembly

The Tender Demands Ubuntu 9.04 Preloaded & Ubuntu compatible /
Certified Laptops as Requirements

We Must Congratulate TD Kuriachan, Network Administrator, Kerala
Legislative Assembly IT Section (cc'd)  for Making it as a Free
Software Preloaded Purchase.

Anivar Aravind

"The resources of the world are for us all to share. Let us affirm our
faith in that common cause" - Dr. Ilina Sen

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