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> GNU Generation is a program by the FSF to involve young people (approx.
> aged 13-18) in free software.  It is provided as a service to projects
> to find new young contributors, and to students to get interested in
> free software and start contributing to projects.  Developers can create
> tasks, or projects, for students to complete on the GNU Generation page
> (http://fsf.org/gnugeneration).  These projects can be incredibly
> specific, giving instruction on exactly what is to be completed, or more
> broad, offering only some general information about the task and how to
> get started.  The goal for GNU Generation is for these students to
> become regular contributors to your project.
> There are a wide range of talents in the GNU Generation program already.
>  Projects can include coding of any difficulty, from simple scripting to
> advanced C.  They can include art, documentation, translation or other
> areas as well.  Projects can even be solely advocacy; it is completely
> up to whoever creates them.
> If you do not have any specific ideas for projects, but would prefer to
> have students think of their own projects related to your application,
> you can leave your contact information and an overview of your free
> software application under the "Project specific" section of the
> brainstorming page on the site
> (http://groups.fsf.org/wiki/Group:GNU_Generation/Project_brainstorming).
>  Chances are few participants will take the time to look into your
> project more deeply, but this will at least provide them with a place to
> start if they already use and love your application.  If you have any
> ideas unrelated to a specific free software application, you can feel
> free to add them to the top part of this page as well.
> There is no guarantee that any particular project will be taken, though
> either way, projects represented here will definitely gain more exposure
> to participants.  If you are interested, please see the website
> (http://www.fsf.org/gnugeneration) for more information on how GNU
> Generation can help students while helping your free software project.
Great News, was looking forward to this kind of programs since a very long

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