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Sun Sep 28 22:52:05 IST 2008

Answering to question "Can you tell me some of the key events that
have brought FSF India to the present?"

Sasi Kumar _also_ said:

"This was supported by other organisations also, especially the Kerala
School Teachers' Association and the then Opposition Leader (current
Chief Minister) Mr. V.S. Achuthanandan. As a consequence of these
pressures, the textbook was changed in the second year to include Free
Software also. Eventually, the government decided to use exclusively
Free Software in schools. Thus Kerala became the first state in the
country (and possibly in the world) to use exclusively Free Software
in schools."

Anivar, you are also talking binary.  "Left" on one side and "Free
Software activists" on other side.
Are you saying that the _Kerala School Teachers Association_ (your
(teachers)are entirely composed of free software
activists and that V.S Achuthanandan was also a "free software activist"

Out of the four gains that Sasi kumar has mentioned in his answer, he
gives credit to left parties directly in two.

The other being:

"The left parties, which are partners in the present coalition
government, were sympatheric to our cause and expressed their views to
the Minister. Eventually, the government decided to drop the
provisions that were most harmful."

Sympathies of the left parties does not come out of charity or
emotion.  It comes out of
ideological positions and understandings.  If there is no
understanding of these then at least do
not try and play a disruptive force in the left - free software
alliance by suggesting that left and
free software activism of kerala are _totally_ mutually exclusive and
that the only interconnection
between them is through "follow up", "political advantage", "help" etc..

> But when people are pushing Bush's binary logic of "Either you are
> with us or You are against us" (only-cpim positions and branding
> everything else as Anti-CPIM) we have to remind history.

It is better for the free software ecosystems that you stop playing
its official historian.
Report is a different thing and _history_ is a totally different thing.

Anyone can be with the left and still be a free software activist and
their  contribution
and the contributions of their likes, you have no right to appropriate
as you wish and write histories
as you wish.

> Anivar
>> Haynes.
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> Any responsible politician should be encouraging a home grown Free
> Software industry because it creates the basis for future jobs.
> Learning Windows is like learning to eat every meal at McDonalds.
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