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Sun Sep 28 22:52:05 IST 2008

>> The attempts to organize a local FSF chapter in TN without the consent
>> of the Board Members, the Kochi conference, and the latest reports ...
>> may be the 'hijack' theory was not entirely baseless.
> I don't think it is easy to hijack the FS movement. The move to start an
> FSF chapter in Chennai was probably the act of some misguided supporters
> of the party. Even the Kochi conference was a good effort, except that
> some of the people involved were probably not quite familiar with the FS
> ethos. So let us not start speculations. Instead, let us concentrate on
> our work -- building good software and promoting the ideal of freedom.

And we arrive at the hijack theory being repeated once again and by no
less an individual than an FSF-I Board Director.

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