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2008/9/29 Anilkumar KV <anilankv at gmail.com>:


This would be my last mail on my thread. As Arun said on fsf-friends,
lets wait for the official position of the FSF India.

> 2008/9/29 Praveen A <pravi.a at gmail.com>
>> Kiran Chandra's active role in organising the event will not count? Or
>> are you claiming Kiran Chandra did not take leadership in organising
>> the event?
>     Yes, Kiran Chandra had involved in organising the Hyderabad event. In
> fact he was the main organiser of that event. He had involved in it as an
> activists of swetcha.in, and not in his capacity as FSF-India director. The
> Organisers of Kochi event are constantly in touch with Kiran and other
> organisers of Hyderabad event, and it is as per their decision, Kerala and
> subsequently Kochi was selected as the venue for the second meet. The
> organisers in Kochi has been now assigned to organise  the next meet as a
> result of the discussion which Hyderabad organisers initiated.

I was not aware that Kiran was not representing FSF India but just
Swecha. This was the major reason for my confusion. But isn't Swetcha
a project by FSF AP? (Swecha.org has FSF Andhra Pradesh written below
the logo). I am curious why FSF India was not involved in organising
this time when one of its board of directors was actively involved in
organising both events.

>> 'm amazed at the tone of the organizers
>> of this event in discredit the FSF India's role of supporting the Free
>> Software community for such a long time and also discrediting the role
>> played by many individuals in the Free Software community by claiming
>> the only effort to promote Free Software happened was last year in
>> Hyderabad. Now the concerns are getting even beiiger about the motives
>> of the organisers about this event.
>    As far as I know, none of the mails from Kochi organisers had any
> intention to denounce or discredit activities undertaken by any other free
> software organisers or activists. If you sensed like that, please let me
> know, corrective action is always ensured. No where it is claimed by any of
> the Kochi organisers that efforts to promote Free Software happened last
> year.

I was referring to the claim by the organisers that the only National
Level conference on Free Software after FSF India formed was the
Hyderabad event. I felt it was discrediting the efforts of so many of
the events that happened in time time. I hope the organisers would
acknowledge the contributions of other events and communities in
helping promote Software Freedom.

>    In fact it is your message that is making confusion among the free
> software friends, which comes without collecting actual facts. You could
> have at least get information from Kiran before you accusing the Kochi
> organisers. Please confirm with him whether the proposed Kochi event have
> any legacy of Hyderabad event.

I am sorry for creating this confusion. I was not expecting an FSF
India board member leading a Free Software conference not in his
capacity as a FSF India representative. I was also mistaken that
Swecha is not independent of FSF AP. Thanks for all the
clarifications. It helps to keep things in perspective.

>> Why would they not consult with the community?
>> Why would they discredit Free Software community's efforts for such a long
>> time?
>> Why would they be blind to so many of the Free Software conferences
>> that has happened and happening all over the country?
> The assumptions prompted you to ask these questions itself is based on wrong
> facts. Hence they stands void.
>> I would like to know who suggested not to involve the orginal
>> organisers and who suggested the name?
> Nobody suggested any exclusions. In fact there is no exclusions indented at
> all. The organisers of of the Hyderabad event are part of the decision by
> which the next venue and organisers are selected.
>> This is the whole problem. Free Software community does not work this way.
>> This is like telling Linus Torvalds that he can join hacking the Linux
>> kernel by a newbie without any clue about the Linux kernel.
> You feel it as a problem because you still assume that FSF-India organised
> the Hyderabad event, which is not true.
> Your interpretation  with example is also wrong due to your ignorance on
> organisers of Hyderabad event. It may more resembles on seeking support from
> Linus, or whoever it may be, for a second stage of a project,  for which he
> has extended support for the first stage.
>> I'm expressing the concerns of the Free Software community in a manner
>> that is common in the community. We always raise our objections in
>> public mailing lists.
> Ok.  I appreciate your spirit, however whenever such concern arises please
> confirm the base facts with the concerned, otherwise it will create unwanted
> confusion among the Free Software community.
> Even then to clear these confusions, let FSF-India directors or secretary
> respond to this debate.

OK. Lets wait and see what is the official response of FSF India. I
apologise for any confusions I have created because of my
misunderstandings about Kiran Chandra's role in organising Hyderabad

I hope the suggestions are taken positively and I wish all the best
for the event.

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