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2008/9/29 Praveen A <pravi.a at gmail.com>
> Kiran Chandra's active role in organising the event will not count? Or
> are you claiming Kiran Chandra did not take leadership in organising
> the event?

    Yes, Kiran Chandra had involved in organising the Hyderabad event.
In fact he was the main organiser of that event. He had involved in it
as an activists of swetcha.in, and not in his capacity as FSF-India
director. The Organisers of Kochi event are constantly in touch with
Kiran and other organisers of Hyderabad event, and it is as per their
decision, Kerala and subsequently Kochi was selected as the venue for
the second meet. The organisers in Kochi has been now assigned to
organise  the next meet as a result of the discussion which Hyderabad
organisers initiated.
> 'm amazed at the tone of the organizers
> of this event in discredit the FSF India's role of supporting the Free
> Software community for such a long time and also discrediting the role
> played by many individuals in the Free Software community by claiming
> the only effort to promote Free Software happened was last year in
> Hyderabad. Now the concerns are getting even beiiger about the motives
> of the organisers about this event.

   As far as I know, none of the mails from Kochi organisers had any
intention to denounce or discredit activities undertaken by any other
free software organisers or activists. If you sensed like that, please
let me know, corrective action is always ensured. No where it is
claimed by any of the Kochi organisers that efforts to promote Free
Software happened last year.

   In fact it is your message that is making confusion among the free
software friends, which comes without collecting actual facts. You
could have at least get information from Kiran before you accusing the
Kochi organisers. Please confirm with him whether the proposed Kochi
event have any legacy of Hyderabad event.
> Why would they not consult with the community?
> Why would they discredit Free Software community's efforts for such a long time?
> Why would they be blind to so many of the Free Software conferences
> that has happened and happening all over the country?

The assumptions prompted you to ask these questions itself is based on
wrong facts. Hence they stands void.
> I would like to know who suggested not to involve the orginal
> organisers and who suggested the name?

Nobody suggested any exclusions. In fact there is no exclusions
indented at all. The organisers of of the Hyderabad event are part of
the decision by which the next venue and organisers are selected.
> This is the whole problem. Free Software community does not work this way.
> This is like telling Linus Torvalds that he can join hacking the Linux
> kernel by a newbie without any clue about the Linux kernel.

You feel it as a problem because you still assume that FSF-India
organised the Hyderabad event, which is not true.

Your interpretation  with example is also wrong due to your ignorance
on organisers of Hyderabad event. It may more resembles on seeking
support from Linus, or whoever it may be, for a second stage of a
project,  for which he has extended support for the first stage.

> I'm expressing the concerns of the Free Software community in a manner
> that is common in the community. We always raise our objections in
> public mailing lists.

Ok.  I appreciate your spirit, however whenever such concern arises
please confirm the base facts with the concerned, otherwise it will
create unwanted confusion among the Free Software community.

Even then to clear these confusions, let FSF-India directors or
secretary respond to this debate.

- Anil

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