[Fsf-friends] Has FSF-India lost its relevance?

Deepa Paul |ദീപാ പോള്‍ deepa.paul at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 13:59:00 IST 2008

Vikram vincent wrote:

> But you definitely owe me an apology. I did not expect such cheapness from

After reading the the whole thread and forwarded mail from Kerala
mailing lists, i feel praveen's position is justified.He made a lot of
brilliant points in the forwarded . i feel the below quote from
praveen shows the crux of kerala issue

I would like to know who suggested not to involve the orginal
organisers and who suggested the name?
This is the whole problem. Free Software community does not work this way.
This is like telling Linus Torvalds that he can join hacking the Linux
kernel by a newbie without any clue about the Linux kernel.
I'm expressing the concerns of the Free Software community in a manner
that is common in the community. We always raise our objections in
public mailing lists.

In this thread i agree with positions raised by Anand babu and shyam

I am considering Jack as's mail as an effort to reduce the importance
of FSFIndia in defending freedom of users in ongoing campaigns against
introducing software patentents

At the same i agree that FSF India need to be more active . It needs
support and willingness from board to accept it and formulate clear
guidelines for volunteers and supporters.

I request all to keep calm..  flames will not help us to archive anything

In Solidarity

Deepa paul

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