[Fsf-friends] Has FSF-India lost its relevance?

Vikram Vincent vincentvikram at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 12:17:45 IST 2008


2008/9/29 Praveen A <pravi.a at gmail.com>

> <snip>
> >> More than a CPIM takeover I am worried about FSF-I rotting to death due
> to
> >> inactivity...
> You can perceive it is any way you like. I know you are a member of
> fsf-friends and you can take initiative for activities instead of
> blaming someone. I know you have been doing good work and I appreciate
> your contributions. But that does not give you any right to discredit
> the work done by others.
> >> @ The board of directors
> >> Kindly replace the people who do nothing(including your kind selves)
> with
> >> those who can.
> This is a serious insult to the people in the community. You having
> Kiran's phone number does not mean all others are inactive. And please
> don't judge the contributions of an organisation as great as FSF
> India. You are belittling yourself by doing that.
> I agree with you on the fact that we need more people in the working group.
> Vikram, you can do better than that. Come on !
> I you are addressing me then quote the sections that I have sent and then
reply. Do not take cheap shots.
Vikram Vincent
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