[Fsf-friends] Has FSF-India lost its relevance?

Shyam Karanattu mail at swathanthran.in
Mon Sep 29 01:16:28 IST 2008

"Jack As" <jcakas at gmail.com> writes:

> 2. The members of the FSF-I and a few others throw accusations against teams trying to do something to
> popularise free software by using some frivolous technicalities...

If its about the recent Chennai Issue, Nagarjuna sir and sasikumar sir
has clarified on that,right?
or otherwise, please explain what you are saying about.

> 3. Just 5 men on the FSF-I board who do nothing but talk a lot(paper tigers)...

What about the works on ooxml issue? India had a good and firm stand on
document freedom.Also nowadays Software patent issues are at peak.

> More than a CPIM takeover I am worried about FSF-I rotting to death due to inactivity...
> @ The board of directors
> Kindly replace the people who do nothing(including your kind selves) with those who can.
> Wishing you to do what is right in the best interest of the movement,
> Jack As

Perhaps we could have done better,but it is not the time to have lot
more confusions. Its today's urgent need to fight against issues of
atmost importance like Software patents. And So far we are having a 
good progress on the issue,and we should continue to fight. For that
we should understand ourselves the Culture that Swathanthra Software 
philosophy puts forward, and make the whole India to realize and fight 
for their Freedom, in a Collaborative way.

And aren't these kinds of moves making small hindrances to the fights we are already
doing against Software patents which is currently Lead by FSF-I in
India ?

Shyam K

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