[Fsf-friends] Has FSF-India lost its relevance?

Jack As jcakas at gmail.com
Sun Sep 28 22:51:57 IST 2008

I ask the above because of what I see happening...
We have an organisation capable of taking free software to the common man,
bridging the digital divide, building a better knowledge society...
1. The members of the FSF-I work group have not met nor changed in
ages..(see the Who's who for reference)
2. The members of the FSF-I and a few others throw accusations against teams
trying to do something to popularise free software by using some frivolous
3. Just 5 men on the FSF-I board who do nothing but talk a lot(paper

More than a CPIM takeover I am worried about FSF-I rotting to death due to

@ The board of directors
Kindly replace the people who do nothing(including your kind selves) with
those who can.

Wishing you to do what is right in the best interest of the movement,
Jack As
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