[Fsf-friends] "Avoiding Ruinous Compromises" by Richard Stallman

Anivar Aravind anivar at movingrepublic.org
Fri Sep 26 22:18:51 IST 2008

 If you want to help the community stay on the road to freedom, one
important way is to publicly uphold citizen values. When people are
discussing what is good or bad, or what to do, cite the values of
freedom and community and argue from them.

It's no use going faster by taking the wrong road. Compromise is
essential to achieve a large goal, but beware of compromises that lead
away from the goal.

rms writes: "Twenty-five years ago on September 27, 1983, I
announced a plan to create a completely free operating system called GNU
-- for 'GNU is not Unix'. As part of the 25th anniversary of the GNU
system, I have written this article on how our community can avoid
ruinous compromises."

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