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Government of West Bengal, Kolkata
Posted 10 August 2007

Dear Friends,
I work with the Government of West Bengal in the Panchayat and Rural
Development Department. We have taken a number of initiatives to
empower panchayats at the grassroots level to make them responsive to
the needs of the common citizens. One of the ways the local government
Panchayati Raj Institutions can be effective is by keeping in close
touch with the problems of the common people and responding to their

To supplement to our e-governance efforts in the Panchayat and Rural
Development Department, we are going to experiment with mobile
technology in remote and inaccessible areas for dissemination of
various types of information that could be useful to the people - like
alerts for important fund releases; organization of health camps and
polio vaccination camps; disaster alerts etc. using push technology
(by which the Web Server "pushes" information to the user rather than
waiting for the user to request for information).
...[the document quotes large number of examples and produces emails
of those who have applauded the efforts ..]
.. the document is at

Re-joinder to Disclosure

"..The application will provides Microsoft COM based APIs to develop
and integrate with custom applications. The following is SMS
enterprise framework:
            [.figure given here...]
The SMS enterprise will be is a high performance and highly scalable
software. The software will allows to control the speed since many
SMPP service providers will not allow sending messages above a
specified throughput. SMS enterprise can be integrated with almost any
type of software with a short messaging requirement..."

... [and finally the cost factor]..

"a].Purchase of OS for Server (Enterprise with 60 user license) 1,50,000
b].Purchase of SMS Enterprise Server software  6,00,000
c].Purchase of SMS Pack of 2 lac SMS valid for 1year  1,00,000
d].Purchase of Antivirus solution for all handhelds for 1year
subscription  1,00,000"

...[and who is responsible for execution]
 "..Shri Subhra Chakrabarty, WBCS (EXE), Programme Officer IT [having]
Experience in Accounts, Panchayat & Rural Developments, Database
Management, Project Managements & Computerisations [responsible for]
Development of Software, Training, Facilitation, Handholding &
Management of the Project..."

The entire document is at

[..somewhere in this document it also mentions that NIC has been
instructed to develop GPMS in open source software.. Java components

CK Raju

"At the end of every revolution, the planets reach the same spot."
[heard from Amarnath Raja, CEO Inapp]

My rejoinder : The left front qualifies to be a planet.

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