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Date: 2008/9/24
Subject: [Advocate Play Ogg] Ogg is on the Rise!
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#Ogg is on the Rise

Take action:
 * Digg this story

 * Email campaigns at fsf.org with *new* items for our Ogg Friendly list

 * Read our latest blog post, "Ogg is on the Rise!"

More and more sites are streaming in free media formats such as Ogg
Vorbis and Ogg Theora -- from Wikimedia projects to national radio
stations. The PlayOgg.org campaign brings you an update and asks for
your help in building its growing list of Ogg friendly sites. Read our
latest update on our blog,

Then, email campaigns at fsf.org letting us know your favorite Ogg
friendly sites that are not yet on our list,

Lastly forward this email on to your friends. Encourage them to visit
<http://playogg.org> and learn more about free media formats and to
take four steps to get started with Ogg and helping the PlayOgg

Thank you for your help and support,

Josh, John, Matt, and Peter
The PlayOgg Team

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