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Shyam Karanattu mail at swathanthran.in
Mon Sep 22 19:55:47 IST 2008

Mani A wrote:
> Here is an interesting estimate:
> http://www.frontlineonnet.com/fl2516/stories/20080815251604100
May be the link is this one 
> But OSS related estimates are not included... and moreover the bodies
> like NASSCOM that provide data are basically agencies of foreign
> capital and have little to do with Open source.
 From the article:

    For example, two global software majors – Microsoft and SAP –
    registered revenue growth of 29 and 104 per cent respectively in the
    domestic market in 2007-08.The emerging picture is clear. Even while
    India’s scorching pace of I.T. services export growth slows, there
    are signs that foreign firms are increasing their presence in an
    increasingly concentrated I.T. sector. This has two implications.
    First, I.T. export revenues are increasingly being garnered by
    foreign firms. But more importantly, as the domestic market for I.T.
    hardware and software grows, fuelled by increased government
    expenditure aimed at increasing I.T. use, foreign firms are coming
    to dominate the rapidly growing domestic market for both hardware
    and software.

And sure its not because Companies like M$ Wants to "liberate" 
panchayati raj systems and the like by entering the government 
mechanisms..pumping in money to the "right" places..

Shyam K

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