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Subject: [FSUG-Bangalore] Essay Competition on Software Freedom for
Schools and Colleges in Bangalore.
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Apologies for using my Mahiti id for this. Also apologies for posting in HTML.

Dear Friends,

Greetings on the occasion of Software Freedom Day! I am happy to
announce that we have just couriered out the posters and a covering
letter to a database of Bangalore schools and colleges. I am very
grateful for the support and guidance of the FSUG-Bangalore members.
Unfortunately we have not yet managed to launch the new CIS website.
So the urls are temporary. I will post permanent urls once the site is
up...hopefully on Monday. Please download the files and forward to
your contacts in the academic sector. With thanks in advance.

Best wishes,


Director - Policy
Centre for Internet and Society


In partnership with Free Software User Group - Bangalore, the Centre
for Internet and Society is organising a essay competition for school
and college students from Bangalore. The last date for submitting
entries is 30th of October 2008. 3 prizes of Rs. 3,000/- each are
available for college students. And 3 prizes of Rs. 1,000/- each are
available for school students.

Poster and Cover Letter

Download an electronic copy of the poster
and covering letter
that has been sent to around 350 school and colleges in Bangalore

Process of Judging

Volunteers from the Free Software User Group will together constitute
a committee that will anonymously and individual score all entries.
The score will be consolidated across judges to determine the final

Terms and Conditions

Copyright: The copyright of the essay will remain with the participant.
License: All submissions will automatically be considered licensed
under Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 India License.
The collective decision of the judges will be considered final.


Participants must be bona fide students of a school or college in Bangalore.
Word limit for essays is 1200 words.
Essays can be submitted either in English or in Kannada.
Electronic submission should be in an Open Format [ Text - .txt, Rich
Text Format .rtf, Open Document Format .odt, Portable Document Format


Free Software Users Group - Bangalore for acting as co-organiser for
the competition.
Renuka Prasad, Professor, R.V.College of Engineering for the concept,
providing leadership and organising the databases of schools and
Anivar Aravind for providing advise and support.
Hiran Venugopalan, Engineering Student, for designing the poster.

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