[Fsf-friends] A CPIM Hijack of Free Software Foundation?

V. Sasi Kumar sasi.fsf at gmail.com
Fri Sep 19 22:45:50 IST 2008

I wrote:

> That seems to be true. This is a CPM event and the objective god only
> knows.


> This would appear to be part of an attempt to float a parallel process
> to take over the Free Software movement in the country. While I too
> have no objection to anyone helping the Free Software movement in the
> country or even independently promoting Free Software (as many groups
> are already doing), what this group is doing is really sabotaging the
> whole movement itself by causing confusion among FS supporters. This
> is unethical and could even be illegal (using our logo without our
> permission). This is very unfortunate.

I am writing this mail since my earlier mail is being interpreted to
mean that the CPI(M) is trying to sabotage the Free Software Movement in
the country. That was not at all what I meant. Since I wrote it in a
hurry as I am on the verge of leaving on a rather longish journey. I
don't think a large party like the CPM would try to capture a small
organisation like FSF India. But the convention has several known CPM
leaders (such as Dr. Debesh Das) and CPM supporters (such as Sri N.
Ram). So it would appear that the people who are doing this have a CPM
background. Why they would want to create such a problem, god only
knows. I am sure the top brass in the party would never knowingly permit
such activities. I am sorry if I sounded otherwise.

V. Sasi Kumar
Free Software Foundation of India

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