[Fsf-friends] Microsoft wants to liberate Panchayati Raj System

CK Raju ck.thrissur at gmail.com
Wed Sep 17 12:48:29 IST 2008

A document that explains position of Microsoft vis-a-vis Panchayati
Raj in India where it wants to liberate the system.
For a fine print reading, download


"SWARAJ to liberate Panchayati Raj System"

List of Microsoft e-Governance Awardees 2007
Name of the Project	Cate gory of Awa rd
1 Meghdoot, Department IT for Service Delivery
of Posts
2 DGS&D's e-Tender IT for Efficiency
Management System
3 SMS Based Farmer Facilitation Innovation with IT
System – Haryana
(Directorate of Agriculture)
4 Control Office Automation IT for Functions of National
–CRIS Importance
5 Information Kerala Mission IT for Local Self Governance
– Kerala
6 Nemmadi–Karnataka IT for Rural Development

Should we have an IKM entry at the International Conference on Free
Software at Thiruvananthapuram ?
The project is so alive and kicking...

CK Raju

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