[Fsf-friends] SFD at Christ University

Vikram Vincent vincentvikram at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 12:19:26 IST 2008

The Dept. of Comp. Science at Christ University is observing Software
Freedom day on the 20th of September with the following events:
1. Install fest for those interested in all the Depts. of the University.
2. Creation of 3 minute videos on socially relevant issues and the best of
which will be used in various global campaigns.
3. There will also be class-to-class campaigns as well which will be lead by
the students of Computer Science.
MC Vineeth Vincent will be the event MC.
"All the fat children and one malnourished child" and other music teams will
be entertaining the participants of SFD.
We welcome students from other colleges and activists of the Free Software
Movement to be a part of our celebrations and perhaps make this a joint
event too.
Perhaps if anyone can create and distribute laptop stickers, banners, etc..
on "Free Software, Free Society" or "SFD" or anything relevant that will be
really cool.
Vikram Vincent
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