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വിഷയം: [ilug-tvm] Khadi Board visits the GNU/Linux installfest at
Technopark today ..
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Hi all,

We at the installfest were lucky enough to have that heady feeling
that accompanies a picture of FOSS working its magic and people
benefitting from it. Today we had a visit from Khadi board.

Khadi board has been using Fedora and Ubuntu to run their office for
quiet sometime now. They had to obey a ruling from the government
which mandated the use of FOSS. Instead of waiting around and shoving
miles of red tape over it , they went into action and started using
FOSS. Of course they ran into problems. They went to CDAC for help.
Unfortunately , its another government body and they proved it. CDAC
started bull shitting , promising stuff and delivering nothing ,
demanding ever increasing amounts of money for it and being secretive
about it. Frustrated , the people from Khadi board turned to the FOSS
community and voila !! things started to go right. Their major problem
was Malayalam rendering and input which was solved by the leading
Malayalam language computing group , Swathanthra Malayalam Computing (
http://fci.wikia.com/SMC ) . Its members provided support to Khadi
board, over web. And Khadi board kept coming back to the community
which never let them down.

Today they were here to offer support for FOSS communities , in their
own words " We saved over fifteen lakh rupees on OS licensing costs
alone. Donating money as sponsorship to the FOSS communities and the
events that they organize is nothing com[ared to the help and support
they provided us"

And you know what ? We are proud of them . We are proud of ( and to be
the )  members of FOSS community that helped this organization which
is a beacon of hope to the dying traditional weavers community.

Khadi board is going to be the first public sector organization in
Kerala to go completely paperless. And they did this because the FOSS
community was right behind them supporting them. Not the government ,
not the so called software and research organizations sposored and
funded by government, but the community who owns and maintains FOSS.

A video that we managed to capture (pardon the poor video quality and
awful reporting ) : http://in.youtube.com/watch?v=BuyfLUzFz9E

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