[Fsf-friends] Statement of FSF India board on recent incidents

ajay kumar freeajju at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 22:27:59 IST 2008

dear friends

local chapters
are you saying that FSF-I should run like its run in Europe, Americas? that
means we are trying to force solutions meant for other countries to that of
ours! in order to have more people (in general terms we call "mass base")
FSF-I must have local chapters. I mean considering your own views Just see
the number of population in indian states they are as equal in population to
that in each country in europe, this clearly shows the importance of having
local chapters.

On an average I think people sleep for 6 hours else if a person sleeps for
months and years together, wake up a fine morning find themselves in losing
there control over the foundation, obviously it makes them irritated,
uncomfortable and the consequence is FAQ's in gnu.org. You people didn't
even bother inform organisations that are mentioned in the FAQ's.

board of directors
When is the so called Board of Directors going to so called NOMINATE there
new Board?
most of the current board of directors are the same onces who are there
since its inception which needs a change. (well power and control over FSF-I
need to change)
for everything that is old has to go and something new will always come into
place and this transition dosn't happen smoothly.

Well as the mails start poring in and that board of directors feel that they
are baring the peoples quest for clarity, they are actually undermining the
larger interest of the people. And to say "when you have a responsibility
you don't bare things or say "patiently replying", rather you need to
understand the pulse of the people".

How long can you guys go on dictating terms like this?

who can speak on behalf of fsf india?

ha thats such a big joke.
first you say that what ever the fsf-i board members say becomes the stand
of fsf-i and then you say that fsf-i board will discuss it first and then
say that "ITS THE BOARDS DECISSION". Well I need some more clarity the mails
that arun, sasi and nagarjuna have mailed to this mailing list, are they the
official stand and official statements of FSF-I? or are they just some
personal views?
Why do you guys make the rules and then break them? (by going on your own
words "WE THE *BOARD OF DIRECTORS FSF INDIA* have the only right to dictate)
i haven't seen any of you guys mention weather the statement that you are
making is an official stand of fsf-i or its just personal views.

other than the mention of "For instance, this FAQ is a statement from the
Board." in the page that is on the gnu.org.in website there is no mention of
it any were else.

For instance

when people at the top look bellow there feet they find lilliputs. When
these lilliputs come face to face they suddenly become big, this is called
as mass base and this mass base has to be organised in a democratic way.

I am proud to be in a democratic country were i can express my views freely.
I want that freedom back to the very organisation which i believed for and
trusted for so many years has motivated and kept me free from escapism,

with love for freedom
ajay kumar
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