[Fsf-friends] Somebody vandalised the FSF-friends and FSUG Bangalore mailing lists

Richard M Stallman rms at gnu.org
Sun Nov 30 22:13:12 IST 2008

States must be controlled by the public because they have power over
the public.  Governments represent the public, so they must give the
public a way to decide what they should do.  None of that applies to
FSF India, since it does not exercise power and does not represent a

The purpose of FSF India is to advocate the firm ethical position that
software must be free.  Most of the people who like using free
software reject this position, and want to make compromises we
consider unacceptable.  To give an FSF a democratic structure would
enable the majority with their "open source" views to take control of
it and change its goals and direction.  The structure of FSF India is
a necessary precaution to prevent that from happening.  To change it
is out of the question.

The FSF India's resources consist of the time and money that people
choose to give to it.  Those with different views are free to
establish organizations to promote their views.  Whatever you wish to
advocate, you can do so, and the existence of FSF India is no
obstacle.  However, if you wish to support an organization that will
continue to uphold the principles of free software, you may be glad
that FSF India is one.

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