[Fsf-friends] Statement of FSF India board on recent incidents

Deepa Paul |ദീപാ പോള്‍ deepa.paul at gmail.com
Sun Nov 30 17:44:42 IST 2008

> <snip> As mentioned in the answer to an earlier question, FSF India is not a
> mass movement and is not a democratic organisation.
> </quote>

I think the above sentence is little misleading.  First Part is OK.
But I believe Democracy exists within its board.

The process to select board does not need to be democratic completely.
for eg: GPLv3 drafting will be failure  if it was decided completely
by  users participating in drafting process. There was commitee ( not
democratically elected ) to analyse and take the needed .

But Democracy within the board is very important. It may be true that
FSF India is not working on  electoral / Representational democracy.
That is Ok.  But Democratic decision making in the board is important
to make it as a democratic structure

Deepa paul

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