[Fsf-friends] Free Software Free Society Conference in Trivandrum

Arun M arun at gnu.org.in
Sun Nov 30 15:19:12 IST 2008

Dear Friends,

   FSF India decided to support  http://fsfs.in/ conference being
organised under Government of Kerala.
Conference schedule will be updated soon.

A note on the conference is given below.

It would be interesting if we can provide video stream using free
software. I found this link http://giss.tv/
Do you know any one with experience in this and willing to help us ?

with regards

2nd International conference on Freedom in Computing, Development and
Culture. 9-11, December 2008 at Mascot Convention Center,

The Free Software Movement, started about a quarter of a century back,
pioneered the various movements for freedom in the digital world – for
instance, free knowledge represented by Wikipedia or freedom of
creative works from copyright restrictions represented by Creative
Commons. We also see a new form of social production where
collaboration becomes more important than competition, where people
from different parts of the world co-operate to create digital
products including documents, music or software. These movements, in
their own way, are helping to bring about a reduction in the Digital
Divide and increasing access to useful works of knowledge. It is
perhaps time to define the contours of this new space and situate
interventions therein. Located at the intersection of Free Software,
Development and Society, the FSFS Conference will examine the
application of the Free Software model for freeing intellectual
artefacts from the clutches of restrictive laws (like the Copyright
Act), and making them available for human development. The conference
will also address, inter alia, issues such as technology access and
the digital divide, legal issues, and experiences of using the Free
Software model in fields such as music, and literature.

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