[Fsf-friends] Statement of FSF India board on recent incidents

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Sun Nov 30 14:54:12 IST 2008

On Sun, Nov 30, 2008 at 1:50 PM, V. Sasi Kumar <sasi.fsf at gmail.com> wrote:

> You say that if an organisation accepts money from another, then the one
> that accepts money should not criticise the donor. This is absolute
> nonsense.

 ... and ...

> FSF India will not accept money with conditions attached.

 ... and ...

> Only those who are willing to support under this condition
> needs to. We don't ask money from people who do not accept our stand. If
> someone willingly gives money, or support, we will accept it.

Amazingly, these are from the same paragraph. When FSFI accepts money there
are not strings attached, but when some one wants to donate they need to
accept a stand. Thats a nice deal.

We objected to IKM using proprietary software, and we have also written
> letters about various other governments opting for proprietary software.

No one ever knew when these happened. Lets hope the letters were written
'to' the governments and not 'about' the governments. How many responded and
what corrective actions were taken? Why is everything made known only when
asked like this? Is it because its a company with 'limited liabilities'?

The protest against IKM was stronger because there is a stronger FS
> movement in Kerala compared to other places.

There are strong FS movement in other places also. Why is that we are not
putting efforts to make other states to turn to Free Software? Why only on
those which themselves have already announced their support to Free

We have explained the accusation of being "undemocratic" in another
> thread, and I don't propose to repeat it here.

That was hardly an explanation. When one doesn't believe in democracy in
functioning itself, how can one even think of a 'democratic protest' without
properly exercising their freedom of speech. Unfortunately, when democracy
and freedom of speech is typecast only to 'protests', all kinds of cats are
bound to jump out.

-- Sarath M S
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