[Fsf-friends] Statement of FSF India board on recent incidents

Arun M arun at gnu.org.in
Sun Nov 30 11:00:01 IST 2008

I think FSF India statement is quite clear on the issue.
FSF board members and RMS felt that there is no need to have
regional chapters in India because  all the chapters will come under
a single constitution, unlike in Europe and Latin America.
FSF Europe has regional chapters in each country.

I am sorry if we misguided my friend in any way. From 2001 FSF India
had same stand on forming regional chapters. I dont understand
how this becomes an issue suddenly.

> take technology (free softwares) to the people(masses). Reading the
> above statement shocked me. And also that FSF India does not have any
> plans to form local chapters. If FSF can start local bodies like FSF
> I, then FSF I should also start local chapters, whats stopping and
> more importantly why stopping??

Having said the present position of FSF India on local chapters, I would like
to request my friend to clearly state the reasons why FSF India/FSF should
have regional chapters and how they should be organised. If you can
convince the FSF India board that it is required, may be it will change its
stand. I dont think it is a decision that can not be changed. So please work
on a very clear and logical argument on this.

> community. If you dont think so, then going through the works of RMS
> and Eben Moglen would facilitate in the thinking process and help in
> understanding why I felt so.

 As I mentioned already RMS was a key person in deciding against
regional chapters in India. Are you suggesting that he should read his
own writing ;) (just for fun, dont take it personal).


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