[Fsf-friends] SAY NO TO M$-VTU CAMPAIGN : Blr : 29th Nov 2008

Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
Sun Nov 30 09:53:29 IST 2008

 I am making an issue here , still i dont understand why he told so, as
when hetold saturday night over phone  that he did the letter using
Google utility ( if it was so then is should have been in unicode --- i
dont like to post his letter and make an issue here ), infact i asked
him yesterday he told the same answer that he had outsourced ..Forget ,
Leave it ---- lets be careful next time  
>> please have a personal chat with him...things will settle
easier....he works very hard..and is very committed to the
cause........lets not have another flame ;) 

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