[Fsf-friends] SAY NO TO M$-VTU CAMPAIGN : Blr : 29th Nov 2008

Senthil Sundaram (sensunda) sensunda at cisco.com
Sun Nov 30 09:14:46 IST 2008



		please do write on what we could do better..please make
this a community report on what you thought is good and bad..

	Few Comments:
	The Banners could have been improved  
	>> yes ...we will work on this next time 
	It will be better to avoid very small kids ( this is my person
opinion in the best interest of kids security - any unexpected events ,
who will be held responsible -- so please avoid very small kids next
time )  
	>> i did insist that kids not be brought..they wanted to picnic
.......including my daughter..who said if all of you are out there..we
want to see what u boring adults are upto......
	I am very much unhappy about using Proprietary Kannada Fonts for
the placards and NUDI software was used to make that and it was so
evident that proprietary operating system windows was used . We people
should use free softwares first and then we can tell others.. 
	Regarding the translated version of the press release which was
in kannada could be much improved , even though jaykumar promised he
will be sending the text in unicode fonts by yesterday morning for
correction which he did not send it otherwise few corrections could have
been done. 
	>> people were all part time and working hard....any many things
got dont last minute..however we will try next time.. 

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