[Fsf-friends] Item-9 in Open Source Definition

Arun M arun at gnu.org.in
Thu Nov 27 08:23:44 IST 2008

See where the discussion had started and where it reached. I dont see
any clarity in  the arguments raised.

Media companies wants us to believe that if you can copying a CD then
you may be part of drug mafia. Famous film actors from kerala
were saying this every day on TV as part of their campaign. No
sensible person will believe that. Let us make sound and reasonable
arguments for free software. Do we have any dearth of such arguments ?


> > I could have used 'Many' instead of 'Most'. But I meant to include
> > entities like the 'US Government ' and their agencies in the term
> > 'organized crime industry'.
> Even better, let's include ``computer users'' in the term ``organised
> crime industry'' then the connection between proprietary software
> development companies and organised crime will be totally clear and
> unassailable!  And since some terrorists are computer users too, we can
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