[Fsf-friends] a clarification needed

Arun M arun at gnu.org.in
Tue Nov 25 11:25:49 IST 2008

Dear All,

> I for one would definitely like to see information about the
> organisation, its by-laws and office-bearers, cash flows and balance
> sheets, elections (or reason for lack of), etc. made available
> publicly, on a regular basis.  If FSFI is a registered society (as I
> recall) this information has to be made available to the Registrar of
> Societies annually in any case.

It is a Section 25 company.
Bylaw was online seems to have lost when some updation of site happened.
Will be corrected.

See  http://www.gnu.org.in/about-fsf-india/whos-who/
(Page needs a correction Anand Babu is also on the board of FSF India).

Other documents will also be put online. We are not finding a good
office secretary and all of us are volunteering for FSF India.

I will try to spend some time after the FSFS conference.

with regards
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