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Sat Nov 22 00:12:59 IST 2008

Vikram Vincent, very nicely written. It is very tough to read as parts,
Better post to some blog and provide link. That will help in reading
everything as one(hope you got me no offence). I just saw a good comment on
Anivar's blog by Dr. P. Madhu. He talks about freedom, i felt it

Freedom is not a favour we receive. It is our right. CUSAT "allowing"
expression of freedom is ridiculous!
"Freedom" itself is protest against "unfreedom". It is a frontal attack on
unfreedom. Free software movement is a protest movement! That is the way it
should be.
Unfreedom should be opposed. Emotionally charged protests against unfreedom
is nowhere inferior to any other forms of protest. When one invests one's
self for anything there will be emotion.
The vandalism unleashed by the undeserving "Doctors" of CUSAT only reminds
the Bush Administration's doctored version of freedom. Bush
Administrationwas fighting for the hegemony of oil companies he was
representing. Bhasi and his allies were representing NOVELL!
Forcing unfreedom in the guise of freedom is a rogue activity. Protest
against such a rogue sabotage is ethical response to it. Freedom is not
allotted to any one! It has to be grabbed. Why to lament on comments coming
against India! A patriotic Bullshit!
Unfreedom whether comes through backdoor or front door those who defend
freedom have to stop it. Freedom and unfreedom cannot co-exist.
Someone was writing about conspiracy. Conspiracy did not come from
protesters. It is very much there. Micronovell IS a conspiracy.
In a world of unfreedom, fight against it cannot be other than "rash,"
"impolite," and "democratic" ( what is democracy for Mr.Joseph Thomas?).
Nothing unfortunate happened. Something that deserves protest is protested.
The protest should continue. Indeed it should gain more force and vigour.
Have RMS a say on this issue. That should bring some wisdom to the doctor
and his allies like Joseph! The reconciliation Joseph describes reminds me
of Stalin-Hitler reconciliation pack! Poor win-winners!

He might differ from your view on many things, but it is better to read
through what he talks about freedom, it extends beyond software.

Jinesh K J

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