[Fsf-friends] Report & Decisions of Community Meeting (20-11-2008) on FSFS exhibition

Anoop Jacob Thomas anoopjt at gmail.com
Fri Nov 21 09:44:01 IST 2008

Hello Friends,

We had a Free Software Community meeting at Space Office, Trivandrum. The
community has a special privilege of having few stalls in the upcoming
conference(FSFS). The agenda of the meeting was to divide the stalls among
the participating Free Software communities.

The following people took part in the meeting, I doubt if I have left
anyone, if so please update me.

Ashik Salahudeen,
Ranjith S Kumar,
Anoop Jacob Thomas(myself),
Joju Joshua,
Anoop S,
Vimal Joseph,
James P Mathews,
Rajiv S. R,
Akhil Sasidharan

We have decided to divide the stalls as themes. And 10 themes have been
1. Why Free Software (why anyone should be using Free Software)
2. Install Fest (GNU/Linux install fest)
3. Repository Counter (Distros, distro repos, applications, games etc)
4. Copylefted Materials Counter (Printed copylefted articles)
5. SMC (Swathanthra Malayalam Computing)
6. Developing in Free Software (IDEs,Linux Kernel and device driver
programming, Embedded Systems),
7. General Applications (GIMP, Blender, Openoffice.org, etc),
8. Scientific Computing (Scilab, Mayavi, Octave, Stellarium, Marble etc),
9. More Free Operating Systems (showing GNU/Hurd, React OS,OpenSolaris
etc,for information to the student community as they can help further in
10. Fosstronics (Fedora electronics lab, Open Hardware etc)

The main aim of the public event at Kanakakunnu(exhibition) is to educate
the public. So we must be providing informative materials also. We need
volunteers for this effort.

We will be having a poster exhibition at Kanakakunnu Palace, we need posters
for that purpose and few people have shown interest in creating posters.
Others if not able to meet us personally need not worry, you can send the
posters to my email id and also post it in the group.

Eventhough themes have been decided we have not split up the themes among
the communities. Members please throw in your ideas as to what all can be
showcased among the 10 themes. So friends all of you can be a part of this
Mega Event, you can take up any of the above themes. We can add more
applications to theme 7 (general applications) if needed. And if anyone is
ready to take a seminar on any topic related to Free Software please contact

In Why Free Software, Install Fest and Repository Counters we wish to give
out fliers(notice) which will contain neccesary information about Free
Software, Contact Information of volunteers who can assist in installation,
Equivalent Softwares etc.

The copylefted articles counter will give information about Wikipedia.
Printed copylefted articles will be showcased and we will be giving out a
compilation of copylefted articles on CD or USB.

SMC will assist a common man on all queries regarding Malayalam Computing.
We can give notices so that people will be provided with a reference

Developing in Free Software will showcase the IDEs like eclipse, anjuta etc.
Linux Kernel and device driver programming will also be demonstrated.

So infact we need volunteers who can take up each activity in the stalls.
Communities please come up with your ideas.

Those who have not joined FSFS-discuss please join the mailing list and be a
part of the event.

Friends please post information about the conference in all communities you
know and pass it to all you friends and family members.

Anyone can contact me for information and suggestions. Please call me only
on or after the 26th of Nov(as roaming incoming charges are high [:(]), but
you can mail me.

Anoop Jacob Thomas
Mobile: 9846670945
Email: anoopjt at gmail.com

Join: http://www.fsfs.in/cgi-bin/mailman/listinfo/fsfs-discuss
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