[Fsf-friends] Good bye to this list

krishnakant Mane krmane at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 22:09:09 IST 2008

hi RP,

On 20/11/2008, renuka prasad <renukaprasadb at gmail.com> wrote:
> Come on
> I dont know who are you people but still i feel you are believers of RMS
> Philosophy. in that context , here  are my few suggestions
> It has been 25 years that RMS has struggled -- is this is what he taught us,
> it is the strong determination, patience and non-compromising etc etc
> characters has made the GNU System so nice .
yes indeed.
> This is not the way to respect him, Just for few flames ( what you consider
> as ) from some ( who ever you are thinking ) should not matter , the whole
> world was flaming against RMS -- still his determination to uphold the ideas
> of our Free Society has been successful to the extent that people like you
> should not feel like quitting.
True I too feel the same.  And I believe flames are the part of any
mailing list and wise people generally stay away from those threads
except at times when they feel like adding a comment or two wich would
help cool it down,  So All freedom fighters and dear hackers take it
easy.  Afterall who ever is a "real " freedom fighter will fight for
the cause and will only breeth a sigh of releaf after liberating
technology users from proprietory "hukum shahi " (dectatorship).

> Only request is whatever the time you are getting irritated that is time you
> have to hold on, then later on you can decide
I won't advice to stay or quit the list.  That is individual decision
but at least don't quit as a result of some small flame on a post
resolution of an issue.
> Don't give such kind gifts on the occasion of 25th anniversary of GNU
> project to the Free software community.
yes and specially when RMS is visiting India.  Let's become ready to
welcome him and be our best.
happy hacking.

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