[Fsf-friends] Good bye to this list

Sajith T S sajith at gmail.com
Thu Nov 20 18:27:09 IST 2008

Deepa Paul <deepa.paul at gmail.com> wrote:

> Male Chauvinism is also there.  I admit I also put my 10 cents to
> that FLAME to stop it.

This is interesting.  Male chauvinism how?

I could see some folk very passionately arguing for what they strongly
believe in, and that there are different versions of the same event.
It's like the story at Rashomon gate -- people see what they want to
see.  Perhaps you were looking for male chauvinism.  No offence meant,
it's just that we're all not really wired for strong objectivity and
rational thinking all the time [1].

Flame wars are a fact of these lists, where people with very strong
and sometimes differing convictions come together.  I think it makes
very uninteresting and generally useless conversation when everyone
agrees with everyone.  Get on with it.  The water has to eventually
clear... only to muddle later. :-)

[1] http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_cognitive_biases

"the lyf so short, the craft so long to lerne."
     	         -- Chaucer.

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