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                                          *    PART – 3 *

*                 (This is a continuation of PART-1 & PART - 2. So first
read PART-1& PART -2 and then read PART- 3)***

Glimpse into The FSF Conference - CUSAT*

Ah, the drama version alias the one-man-show! Organizers asked the posters
to be removed triggering the one-man-show exponentially. I came across
numerous mails/blogs/messages that a mob of 20 was protesting. But this one
big man was being recorded by the rest in their respective hi-technology
cell phones – and the man was happy and on fire. 20 minutes after this
incident – pics & movies in various angles were posted online – the very
proof to the above fact. Before attempting any intentional-publicity-claim,
informing the media is a dirty trick played so often by many such small
'organizations'. He knew it, the *samurai*, and now we know it, watching his
moves n movies in the videos recorded. Allies arrived flying for rescue aid
in 20 minutes after the show-off started – now that makes me suspicious
(just me or even you?). A 'press conference' threat raised by this gentleman
incase the poster is not removed before the arrival of CM proves his/their
intention to the core line. The University Registrar made a polite request,
but then he had his own standards of replying dirty – and so he was asked to
stepped off (instead of being slapped off).

Glimpsing through the Conference Organizers let me put my view in this
regard. Free Software has to be FREE as the name says – no possessor in
terms of the giants in this arena, no patent and nobody enjoys cumulative
accounts. People who have been earning money couching idly in their bedroom
cushions are scared when CPM, who has a massive and valiant history of
struggle against capitalism and monopoly, is promoting free software. CPM is
supporting a fetus in this arena of Software World and must be supported by
all. If the people who messed and the people who organized happen to be the
same, I truly believe you have affronted your own organization and give your
heart and soul to your cause next time and better keep things at your home
within your walls!

Criticizers... I do understand that growth and criticism seems to be
parallel but they meet only after realizing that the blogs and mails you use
for complimentary, to criticize but actually has to be colossally
appreciated, has the tinge and scent of the sweat, pain and blood of these



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Novell Protest
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I blogged about the national Conference & Boycott Novell Protest


If you are any more questions to me. Leave a comment on the post . I
will update the FAQ


I am always happy when I am Protesting: Richard M. Stallman
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