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> "Pure students" so... somebody affiliated to some organizations.. make them
> impure and they should neither

use free software nor propagate  free software..  great ..  im getting meet
> so many fundamentalists here..

You can continue to dream on these lines and draw personal conclusions. If
you pen them here, with details, most of us will get to know you much

To me, the fundamentals of Free Software do not give scope for much
deviation - in that respect there's a great amount of dignity associated
with this term, when used in this connection. Mixing up Free Software with
convenient-market fundamentals and taking pride in that is something that
scares me. Any contributor would protest when a market player adopts the
embrace, extend and extinguish style of operation, on such contributions
which are made for a larger cause.

When an organisation whose responsibility covers the entire population of
Kerala conducts a National programme - its only reasonable for commoners to
expect that there would be some tangible changes in the way public
information is processed. Presently it is done with the connivance and
knowledge of the organisation by agencies like IKM incubated by non-free
software corporates. Whether this has happened is something you should be
pondering on. Our status is the same. My information is still being
processed by non-free software agents at my local government institution.
What does then, this boasting of 1500+ mean ? Whom are we trying to convince

Eighth, ninth and tenth standards in govt schools may itself cross 20 lakh
students - who learn Free Software on a daily basis. If 1500+ is national,
what should we name this phenomenon ? To me, the action of those silent
teachers is more appealing. If the lsgi and industries department woke up to
this reality, then the future of those community is safe - but is it the
case ? Lsgi department continues with its anti-policy stand and agencies
like IKM have only become more non-free fundamentalists. People like you
should have the courage to walk up to them and discuss issues. Industries
minister is on record saying he wants to prove that party is not-SEZ, is
not-anti-capitalist etc and is out with a very "effective and purposeful
mission". All these convey a lot to us.

CK Raju
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