[Fsf-friends] Freedom of expression cant be suppressed with muscle power

sandeep sr sandeep.sr78 at gmail.com
Wed Nov 19 21:43:31 IST 2008

On Wed, Nov 19, 2008 at 6:06 PM, siddhu soso <sid.fuser at gmail.com> wrote:
> well im surprised.. im still not able to find a reason for the protest..
> when. the whole community.. is participating.. in the event, it would take
> only minimum sense to get an idea of informing about a "mistake" that was
> happening..
> The only reason that i could see is .. somebody wants to project himself..
> as the "ONE" who stands for justice and all.. but irony is he forgot that in
> this act.. he was opposing the event for the justice in software field ,
> which gave a qualitative change to the movement in the country..
> Never in India it happened.. where 1500+ attending a free software
> conference..

Never before in India was a conference organized by the Communist
Party of a State and a few other power mongers. All sister
organizations of the party were told to ensure participation. G.O was
sent to all schools in Kerala to bring the kids to the Stalls....KGOA
beared the expenses of their members who attended the conferece...the
list goes on and on....i wonder if there were atleast 150 guys who had
anything to do with free software


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