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> Yes its true that kerala has over 3.5 crore of people.. but the number 1500
> is more than.. the usual number that of 10 - 15 people.. who consider
> themselves to represent be the whole of india.. (and that too on a mailing
> list)
How can anyone represent someone else in a mailing list - that too if the
mailing list doesn't even have a moderator ? To see "representation" where
it doesn't exist is a cognitive disorder, that exists with people who tend
to see hierarchies and structures within an organisation. Opinions here
carry weight when it bears the burden of experience and wisdom.
Participation in such lists also is a way to gain insights and experience
and that's what brings most of us here.

The number 1500 is definately a huge number for the philosophy we are
> campaigning.. organisers have put in a good effort to mobilise those many
> people. Appreciate them for that.
Looking at the capabilities of organisers, their roles within organisations
that they associate with and the inherent unaudited tasks (most of which
affect lives of public citizens) - the decisions of which lie currently with
these organisations - this is certainly not appreciable. [If it were a pure
students' programme of CUSAT, then the case would have been totally
CK Raju
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